Your Environment Matters More Than You Think

I remember my first psychedelic trip like it was yesterday. I was 23 years old, sitting on the floor of the living room of my best friend from university. We had tidied up the space, lit some candles and put on ambient music to set a calm vibe. As the psilocybin started to take effect, geometric patterns emerged on the blanket underneath me. I felt safe and in awe of the new perspectives arising in my mind.

This positive first trip was thanks entirely to the care my friend and I put into structuring our setting. As a psychedelic coach, I now recognize curating your physical, social and mental environment before, during and after a psychedelic session is just as important as choosing your dosage and substance.

Set and setting, as psychedelic users call it, shape your experience and integration in profound ways. In this post, I want to have an honest talk about how to carefully craft your environment so you can get the most out of your psychedelic journeys.

The Importance of Setting During the Psychedelic Session

When planning a psychedelic session, your physical, social, and mental environments need special attention. These elements can make or break your experience.

Physical Setting

Dedicate a safe, comfortable space for your session away from disruptions. Tidy up the area and remove any clutter or sharp objects. Arrange a cosy nest with pillows, blankets and eye masks. Consider decorating with soft lighting, flowers, meditative symbols or uplifting art. I recommend designating a whole room if possible. Having your psychedelic sanctum prevents chaos and grounds you.

Stock water, fruits and other nourishing snacks nearby. Prepare playlists of serene instrumental music or contemplative playlists. Eliminate as many physical distractions in the space as you can. The more you curate the physical set and setting, the more settled and open you can be.

Social Setting

Only trip with close friends or a guide you trust in a safe container. Having someone sober present provides support. Silent introspective sessions also have value if you feel secure solo journeying. No matter what, avoid crowds, strangers or chaotic social situations. You want to feel completely comfortable being vulnerable.

Set expectations beforehand about verbal interaction. Some find talking disrupts the inner experience. Others appreciate a anchor friend to chat with. Decide what style will make you feel most secure.

Mental Setting

Your mental environment going into the session influences the trajectory. Set an intention rather than expectations. An intention is the compass heading of the journey, while expectations limit the possibilities. Intentions like “I want to examine my relationship with my mother” or “I intend to find more gratitude in daily life” open space for inner work.

It’s also crucial to clear your mind as much as possible beforehand. Set aside any pressing responsibilities for a couple of days. Reduce stimulant intake from caffeine or media overload. Spend time meditating, journaling or being in nature to calm mental chatter. You want your psyche prepared to receive new perspectives. Any cluttered or distracted mental state will cloud the clarity and meaning derived from the psychedelic.

Integrating the Experience in Your Daily Life

The integration period after a psychedelic session is crucial for cementing insights into real change. This involves curating your daily environment and habits to align with the vision realized during your journey.

You may feel called to entirely break from previously unhelpful environments and recreate the spaces around you. Listen to this intuition if it arises. Here are some key areas to restructure:

Physical Spaces

Examine your living and work areas with new eyes. Do they spark creativity and clarity? Or do they feel cluttered and distracting? Take time to clean and reorganize to optimize for focus. Introduce elements like plants, natural lighting, cosy seating areas and clutter removal. Create spaces for the activities most meaningful to you.

Dedicate spaces for work, exercise, creative hobbies and relaxation so everything has a home. Transition mindfully between these spaces based on your task. Limit working in bed or living areas to strengthen mental distinction. Optimizing physical spaces powerfully supports inner realignment.

Social Circles

Consider how current relationships may uplift or drain you based on new insights. You may feel called to dissolve connections that no longer serve your growth. On the other hand, some relationships may feel more spiritually connected and meaningful. Prioritize deepening those uplifting bonds through shared experiences.

Introduce new relationships and communities that align with your emerging identity. Find people who share your interests and values to stimulate continual growth.

Mental Habits

Protect the clarity of your psychedelic insights by reducing mental clutter in your day-to-day life. Limit distraction from social media, gaming and binge-watching shows. Instead, spend time moving your body, creating, and being fully present. Journal to process your thoughts and insights. Meditate or spend time in nature regularly to stay grounded.

By intentionally engineering your physical, social and mental environments, you help direct your energy toward the insights revealed during your psychedelic session. The spaces around you and habits within you transform your inner journey into outward change.

Engineer Environments to Match Your Inner Journey

The settings during and after a psychedelic experience shape its impact profoundly. Consider your physical spaces, social connections, and mental habits as the scaffolding to elevate your insights to lasting change. Or, without intention, allow the noise of old environments to dilute your progress.

As a psychedelic guide, I encourage you to engineer your external world to match the inner transformations catalyzed by psychedelics. Curate calm spaces for reflection and self-work. Surround yourself with relationships that promote growth. Protect mental clarity from distraction. Failing to structure your set and setting intentionally squanders an opportunity for meaningful change.

The psychedelic experience provides a glimpse into your highest potential. However, the integration of those visions into daily life requires diligent cultivation. Be selective about the environments you immerse yourself in going forward. They will enable your subsequent phases of actualization. With care and courage, you can engineer sets and settings that allow your insights to crystallize into a positive impact.


Lotte and Floris are the two guides for FLO Coaching. We combine our years of coaching & therapy to help people experience a (first) guided psychedelic trip.

We uniquely focus on preparation and integration to provide long-term positive changes in mind and behaviour.

Assistance is provided by Max and Saar, though our dogs haven't yet learned to write for the blog 🐾