What the Heck is Psychedelic Integration Anyways?

Psychedelic experiences can be deeply meaningful, leading to new perspectives, insights about oneself, and feelings of connection. Many people report coming away from psychedelic sessions with a sense of awe and desire to make changes in their lives.

However, these new understandings and motivations can quickly fade once the psychedelic state disappears. Much of the magic can be lost without consciously integrating the experience into daily life. This is where psychedelic integration coaching comes in.

Psychedelic integration coaching provides structured guidance and support to help process, understand, and benefit from psychedelic experiences. With the help of an integration coach, you can reflect deeply on your session, clarify desired changes, and take steps to implement them in lasting ways.

The goal is to crystallize the insights from the psychedelic space into positive transformation in your life. With integration coaching, psychedelics become more than an interesting trip – they become doorways to real personal growth.

Psychedelic integration coaching offers guidance to process and benefit from psychedelic experiences.

What is Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

Psychedelic integration coaching helps you make sense of, and integrate, meaningful elements of your psychedelic session into your daily life. It is a collaborative process between you and a guide to reflect on your experience, extract key lessons and insights, and take action on them.

In your sessions with an integration coach, you can discuss your psychedelic experience in detail – the visions you saw, the emotions you felt, the perspectives you gained. Your coach will help you interpret the experience and identify important messages or teachings relevant to your life.

Together, you will clarify your intentions for integration – the changes you hope to implement post-session. These intentions might relate to personal behaviors, relationships, work, or creativity. With your coach’s support, you’ll create an integration plan to realize your goals.

Your integration coach will check your progress in executing this plan over days, weeks or months. They will help you problem-solve challenges, provide accountability, and motivate you to turn your intentions into reality. The aim is to ensure your desired transformations don’t get lost but become ingrained through small steps forward.

Various coaching methodologies can be employed in the psychedelic integration process, from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which focuses on mindfulness and behavioural changes, to existential coaching delving into life’s fundamental questions and personal meaning.

The type of coaching approach can be tailored to your unique needs and the nature of your psychedelic experience. This flexibility ensures that the integration process is as personalized and effective as possible, resonating deeply with your individual journey and the insights you’ve gained.

The Key Aspects of Integration Coaching

Integration coaching revolves around four key aspects: reflecting on your psychedelic experience, setting integration intentions, acting on those intentions, and receiving ongoing support.

Reflecting on the psychedelic experience

Your integration coach will provide a safe space to thoroughly unpack your psychedelic session. Together, you will make sense of the full experience – the visuals, physical sensations, emotions, insights, and more. Key reflection activities include:

  • Discussing the chronology of your experience
  • Exploring challenging moments and breakthrough moments
  • Identifying messages, symbols, and teachings for you
  • Clarifying lessons and new perspectives

Setting integration intentions

With your coach’s input, you will define clear intentions for integrating insights from your trip into daily life. This involves:

  • Articulating desired changes post-session
  • Setting specific goals related to relationships, work, habits, etc.
  • Making an integration plan with tasks and timelines
  • Prioritizing actions based on importance and ease

Taking action

The core of integration is taking steps to turn your intentions into reality. Your coach will support you to:

  • Complete integration tasks and commitments on schedule
  • Troubleshoot challenges and problem solve barriers
  • Find accountability partners and enlist social support
  • Build new habits and rituals to sustain change

Ongoing support

Integration is a process, not a one-time event. Expect check-ins and support from your coach:

  • Scheduled follow-up calls over days/weeks/months
  • Monitoring progress and celebrating wins
  • Adjusting approach based on your evolving needs
  • Maintaining motivation until integration goals are met

What Integration Coaching is Not

While integration coaching provides critical guidance post-psychedelic sessions, there are some common misconceptions about what it entails. Here are some things that integration coaching is not:

  • Trip sitting – An integration coach is not present with you during the psychedelic session (though some coaches like us also offer guided sessions themselves in a package deal). Their work begins when the acute effects have subsided.
  • Prescribing medicines or protocols – Your coach does not provide or recommend psychedelic substances or dictate how sessions should be conducted. They work with your existing experience.
  • Psychotherapy or mental health treatment – While complementary, integration coaching focuses specifically on the psychedelic experience vs. overall mental health. It is not a substitute for therapy.
  • Quick fix – Real integration takes concerted work over an extended period. It is a process, not an instant solution. Expect to put in time and effort.
  • Advice giving – Your coach’s role is to listen, ask questions, and support your process. While they provide input, you remain in the driver’s seat.
  • Spiritual guidance – Integration coaching works whether your experience was recreational, therapeutic, or spiritual. It does not promote any particular belief system.

The process is collaborative and action-oriented. Your coach helps facilitate your own integration journey using proven techniques to optimize your growth.

How Integration Coaching Helps

Investing in professional integration coaching offers many benefits that can significantly augment your psychedelic experience:

  • Maximizes impact – With proper integration, more of your psychedelic session’s insights and healing potential are actualized.
  • Provides structure – Integration directs your experience through defined intentions, plans, and support.
  • Enhances accountability – A coach motivates you and keeps you on track, implementing planned changes.
  • Offers specialized support – Coaches are explicitly trained in psychedelic integration techniques and best practices.
  • Helps overcome barriers – A coach can help strategize around challenges that hinder integration progress.
  • Allows deeper processing – The coaching space facilitates unpacking and digesting the multilayered experience.
  • Provides community – Meeting regularly with your integration coach gives you a sense of community and connection.
  • Encourages lasting change – Check-ins over time help new perspectives and behaviors stick.
  • Validates experience – Your coach bears witness to your journey and affirms its profundity.

Integration coaching helps ensure your psychedelic experience delivers genuine transformation by providing focused guidance tailored to you. With integration support, one profound trip has the potential to impact your life for years to come positively.

Psychedelic experiences can lead to deep insights, but without conscious effort, their lessons often fade quickly. Integration coaching bridges this gap by helping you process your psychedelic sessions into positive, lasting change.

With a trained coach, you’ll reflect on your experience, clarify integration goals, make plans, and take action. Your coach will provide structure, accountability, and motivation as you work to turn insights into reality.

Rather than losing the magic, integration coaching allows you to crystallize the insights from your psychedelic journey into tangible personal transformation. With expert guidance, a profound trip can positively impact your life for years.


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