Want To Have A Safe Psychedelic Trip? Pack These Essentials

Alba lays out options on her bed, deciding what to pack for her upcoming psilocybin truffle trip with her guide, Lotte. Since it will be her first guided session, Alba wants to ensure she’s prepared.

For clothing, Alba selects her cosiest sweater and a warm pair of pants. She knows layers are key for physical comfort, as body temperature can fluctuate during the trip. Alba also makes sure to pack extra socks and slippers.

An eye mask is next on Alba’s list, as Lotte suggested bringing one to block out external visual stimuli during the inward journey. A simple blackout mask will help Alba go deeper. (many guides, including us, will provide this for you)

Alba also packs a notebook and several pens, eager to capture any insights that arise through writing during the session. She wants to document the experience while it’s still fresh.

Thinking about items with symbolic meaning, Alba chooses a luminous crystal that has significance in her spiritual practice. Its energy will guide her. She pockets it carefully.

Since music connects deeply to Alba’s soul, bringing her flute feels natural, too. She may intuitively play it when so moved during the trip…

Of course, the most essential item that Alba won’t need to supply herself is the psilocybin truffles. Coach Lotte will provide a moderate 10 gram dose of truffles for this initial solo session.

Alba double-checks that she has a few bottles of water handy and some fresh fruit to eat. Staying hydrated and having light, healthy snacks on hand is recommended.

She also makes sure to pack her comfiest pair of over-ear headphones. Listening to specially curated playlists can provide calm or stimulation during the trip.

Alba feels ready after looking through her bag with its clothes, eye mask, journal, symbolic keepsakes, and other items. The space is prepped, her intention set, and she has all the tools for a safe, meaningful journey.

Lotte reminds her that being willing to surrender and feel vulnerable is the most important preparation. The external components help support that internal work.

Alba takes a deep breath and looks forward to the insight and healing ahead. With Lotte’s guidance, and proper provisions, she trusts the trip will open beneficial new doors.

Checklist Items for (First) Psychedelic Trip

  • Comfortable, warm clothing (think: layers)
  • Extra socks/slippers
  • Eye mask or blindfold
  • Notebook and pens for journaling
  • Symbolic personal memento or power object
  • Musical instrument if desired
  • The psychedelic substance itself
  • Water and light snacks
  • Headphones and music options
  • Tissues/blankets as needed


Lotte and Floris are the two guides for FLO Coaching. We combine our years of coaching & therapy to help people experience a (first) guided psychedelic trip.

We uniquely focus on preparation and integration to provide long-term positive changes in mind and behaviour.

Assistance is provided by Max and Saar, though our dogs haven't yet learned to write for the blog 🐾