The 6 Benefits of a Solo Psychedelic Session (Versus One-on-one Coaching)

For those new to psychedelics, having an experienced guide or therapist present for initial sessions is strongly advised. However, solo journeys can also be suitable for some first-timers with proper preparation and intention-setting. This post will explore the potential benefits of flying solo your first time versus attending a guided one-on-one session.

While support from an expert is recommended, exclusively solo trips have advantages like affordability, personalization and building self-reliance. By thoroughly planning set and setting, selected new psychonauts may find solitude profoundly meaningful.

1. More Affordable Experience

One significant advantage of solo psychedelic sessions is avoiding the costs of paying for a guide or therapist, which can run anywhere from $500 to $5,000+ per session. For those with limited financial means, this makes solo exploration much more accessible.

While experts provide crucial support, their services carry a prohibitive price tag for some. Solo journeys incur only the cost of purchasing the psychedelic substance (making it 50-100x cheaper).

For those able to source psychedelics safely on their own, a solo session allows you to benefit from the experience at a fraction of the cost of a guided one. This improves access for people lacking substantial disposable income.

2. Engage in a Deeply Personal Process

Another advantage of solo psychedelic sessions is the opportunity to direct your experience completely internally without filtering through interaction with a guide.

Having a sitter present means dividing your attention between the inner journey and external communication/support. While guides help mitigate fear, their presence mediates the raw personal introspection.

Journeys alone allow you to turn your focus entirely inward without distraction. The experience remains private and uninterrupted by another’s energy. For deep personal healing work, solitude can enhance immersion.

By relying solely on your inner compass, you retain full agency over the experience. This can empower those seeking a direct, unadulterated plunge into psychedelic exploration.

3. Opportunity to Face Fears

Handling a psychedelic session solo also provides growth opportunities around building courage and self-reliance.

Having a sitter present serves as a psychological safety net if fear arises. But relying solely on yourself strengthens grit and resilience as you navigate intense effects alone.

Conquering trepidation without a guide to lean on builds confidence in your ability to regulate emotions and handle challenging moments autonomously. This benefits personal growth.

Solo journeys test problem-solving skills and composure during unpredictable psychedelic effects. Emerging on the other side solo grants a powerful self-validation.

4. Customize Setting Completely

Solo psychedelic sessions also allow you total control over curating your ideal set and setting without compromising with a sitter. You can customize the experience fully to your personal preferences.

From music selection to lighting to activities, anything goes when you don’t have to accommodate the tastes of a guide. You can fluidly tweak any element of the surroundings that isn’t optimizing your comfort.

Solo trips provide the ultimate flexibility for people with particular needs around environment, ambience and structure. Every detail can be tailored precisely to your psychedelic sensibilities.

Having complete command over set and setting enables deeply personal customization that may be impossible when sharing space with a guide or therapist during a session.

5. Promotes Integration Skills

Additionally, handling a psychedelic experience alone strengthens independent integration skills that support personal growth.

With a guide, the integration work is somewhat facilitated for you. But solo trips mean taking full responsibility for making sense of insights and applying them afterwards.

Sitting alone with the intensity builds competency in self-reflection and sense-making. Finding ways to incorporate lessons in the future safely relies on your autonomous skills.

The problem-solving and discipline required promote self-trust and maturity. While supported integration is invaluable, doing it yourself accelerates developmental gains. Consider a solo session as an advanced integrative training.

6. Sense of Accomplishment After

Finally, successfully navigating a psychedelic experience alone can instil a greater sense of confidence and accomplishment. Handling it solo provides self-validation.

Facing the intensity without a guide builds faith in your inner resilience and wisdom. Making it through alone shows you can trust yourself amid challenging moments.

The self-sufficiency required acts as a test – overcoming trepidation and uncertainty solo builds grit and courage to carry forward.

Saying you handled a psychedelic voyage independently inspires pride and self-belief. Letting the journey unfold autonomously fosters independence.

Recap of Psychedelic Solo Session Benefits

While expert guidance is advised for beginners, solo psychedelic sessions can offer certain advantages for the properly prepared. The affordability and personalization can provide enriching first-time experiences.

However, tripping alone requires meticulous planning, intention-setting, emotional readiness and integration support. Environment and dosage must be controlled carefully without a sitter. Self-reliance is paramount.

For those able to source psychedelics safely, who value an unmediated journey, who have strong independent skills, and who take proper precautions, the solo option opens rewarding doors. But caution remains essential when going it alone.

Next up, the 6 downsides of a solo psychedelic session. This covers anxiety, integration issues, emergencies, and more.


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