The 4 Benefits of a Psychedelic Retreat (Versus One-on-one Coaching)

Psychedelic-assisted coaching is growing in popularity and acceptance. But many options exist for structuring sessions, from solo journeys to one-on-one coaching and group retreats. So what are the unique benefits of undergoing the psychedelic experience in a group retreat setting?

In this blog, I’ll explore the advantages of group retreats compared to individual coaching sessions, friends sitting for sessions, or unguided solo trips. The shared process and community support that develops can lead to deeper healing, insight and integration.

Of course, group settings are not ideal for everyone. Some may prefer the privacy and customisation of solo or private guided sessions. But for many, the bonds formed and collective wisdom gained on retreats can profoundly enhance psychedelic exploration.

1. Shared Community and Support

One of the biggest advantages of group retreats is going through the psychedelic experience alongside others. Having fellow participants’ support and shared understanding can provide comfort and validation.

When you’re feeling vulnerable or having challenges, the presence of people undergoing the same process makes you feel less alone. You know others in the group can relate to your sensations and realizations.

This shared openness and vulnerability also helps dissolve social barriers. You gain empathy for what unites us all as humans beneath surface differences. Deep bonds form quickly in such a state of collective openness.

The connections made at a psychedelic retreat can persist long after the retreat ends. It’s incredibly healing to know you have new friends out in the world who share and understand your perspective.

Psychedelics break down the illusion of separation. Undertaking them together accelerates that breakdown, leaving you with a renewed sense of human connection.

2. Collective Wisdom of the Crowd

In addition to interpersonal support, group psychedelic retreats also provide the benefit of collective wisdom. Having a diversity of participants creates space for insightful discussions and reflections.

The conversations and activities elicit perspectives, breakthroughs and knowledge beyond what any one person could arrive at alone. Listening to others helps broaden your viewpoint.

The facilitators also synthesize key insights and takeaways from across the group. This provides a birds-eye view of themes, allowing you to situate your experience in a larger framework.

This collective knowledge generation is hard to access during a solo psychedelic voyage or even private one-on-one coaching sessions. It arises from the richness of many voices and angles coming together.

Learning from fellow journeyers gives you a renewed appreciation for how psychedelics unite us through shared experiences. Our collective wisdom helps each of us heal.

3. Range of Expertise

Group retreats provide exposure to diverse modalities and practitioner expertise. You can access a team of facilitators rather than working with a single guide.

This allows you to sample different techniques and frameworks before, during, and after psychedelic sessions. For example, some staff may offer meditation guidance, others music or art therapy.

The variety of lenses helps encircle key insights from multiple vantage points. Different modalities resonate with different participants based on their needs and preferences.

Having retreat staff handle logistics like meals and lodging also frees participants to turn their focus fully inward. You can immerse without practical distractions.

This breadth of expertise and division of responsibilities provides targeted support. It would be challenging for any single practitioner to offer such diverse specialized assistance.

4. Immersive Environment

The environments specifically designed for group psychedelic retreats also maximises the benefits. Being fully immersed allows deeper processing and insight.

Removing yourself from the concerns of daily life clears space to journey inward without distraction. The schedule, activities, and meals all revolve around supporting the therapeutic process.

The serene natural settings preferred for many retreats also profoundly influence the experience. Peaceful forests, beaches or gardens enhance tranquillity, wonder and connection.

Sharing these nurturing environments with a group creates the perfect container for personal growth and collective healing. Everything and everyone is focused on the sacred work.

This level of design and attention to setting is difficult to establish alone at home. The immersive environment offered by retreats, therefore, amplifies the psychedelic benefits.

Recap of Psychedelic Retreat Benefits

In summary, group psychedelic retreats offer unique advantages for those seeking healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth through these substances.

The shared vulnerability builds profound feelings of human connection that persist beyond the retreat. You realize how alike we all are beneath surface differences. Collective wisdom also arises from uniting many voices and perspectives in one place. Insights are deepened by learning as a community. And the range of modalities and expertise provides targeted support for integrating this intensive work into everyday life afterwards.

While group settings are not ideal for everyone, the reciprocal process of giving and gaining wisdom, empathy and care in a community can catalyze powerful transformation. For many, facing the psychedelic experience together leads to lasting bonds and personal breakthroughs.

Next up, the 4 downsides of a psychedelic retreat. This one covers group dynamic issues, structural (i.e. time) constraints, and more.


Lotte and Floris are the two guides for FLO Coaching. We combine our years of coaching & therapy to help people experience a (first) guided psychedelic trip.

We uniquely focus on preparation and integration to provide long-term positive changes in mind and behaviour.

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