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Psychedelic Environment Matters

Your Environment Matters More Than You Think

The environment during & after a psychedelic trip matters more than you think. Shaping your mental, social, & physical environment for growth.
Yin Yang of Psychedelic Doses High and Low Psilocybin LSD

The Yin and Yang of Psychedelic Dosages: Balancing Low and High Doses for Optimal Experience

How low and high doses of psychedelics can work in synergy to create an experience that has a lasting positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.
Meaning Behind The Word Psychedelic Osmond

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Word “Psychedelic”

What is the meaning behind the word ‘psychedelic’? We explore the discovery, translation, and other terms coined before and after psychedelic.
Psychedelic Trip Journey Support

5 Ways to Get Support for Your Psychedelic Journey

Get support for your trip with a guide, good preparation, a setting with the right preparation, and integration help after the trip.
Psychedelic Values ACT framework Bull's Eye

Defining Your Values With the Bull’s Eye Exercise

Preparing for a psychedelic session can be helped by the bull’s eye exercise, where you gain more clarity on your values.
List of 138 Values Psychedelic Coaching Therapy

Discovering Your True North: A List of Values to Guide Your Journey

Discover your values through psychedelic-assisted coaching. Use this list to inspire and direct your journey towards self-discovery.
Mystical Type Experience Explained

Psilocybin Can Occasion Mystical-Type Experiences – Psychedelic Research Explained

How psilocybin (truffles) can lead to mystical experiences as explained by seminal research and how this relates to psychedelic coaching.
Psychedelic Risks after use

The 8 Untold Risks After a Psychedelic Session

The short and long-term risks of psychedelics like flashbacks (HPPD) and worsening psychological symptoms (depression, anxiety) are discussed along with ways to mitigate risks.
Guild of Guides Code of Conduct Guide Requirements

A Commentary on the Guild of Guides Code of Conduct – Guide Requirements

A close look at the guide requirements of the Code of Conduct from the Guild of Guides. Our perspective on the regulations from the Dutch governing body.
Guild of Guides Nederland Netherlands Code of Conduct

A Commentary on the Guild of Guides Code of Conduct

Guild of Guides Code of Conduct. Commentary on the excellent code of conduct made by the Dutch psychedelic guides / facilitators / coaches.
Guided Psychedelic Session by Lotte

A Minute-by-minute Description of a Guided Psychedelic Session

Learn about how a guided psychedelic session unfolds from the introduction and ingestion, to the peak effects and coming down back to earth.

The Accidental Discovery of LSD: A Tale of Psychedelic Serendipity

LSD: From its groundbreaking discovery by Albert Hofmann to today’s cutting-edge research, delve into the captivating journey and transformative potential of this iconic psychedelic.
What is Psychedelic Integration Coaching

What the Heck is Psychedelic Integration Anyways?

Psychedelic integration coaching can help clarify, solidify, and make insights gained during psychedelic experiences last. A guide for the integration helps you maintain and expand on lessons learnt.
Letting People Know About FLO Coaching

Process to Let Know – BTS at FLO Coaching #3

Marketing is the process of letting know. At least, that is the quote I remember, and how I’m now in the process of building out FLO coaching. By letting others know about our business and making an offer that “they would feel stupid saying no to”.
How Psychedelics and Coaching Intersect

How Psychedelics Can Enhance Coaching

How psychedelics can help coaching through both psychological and neuronal changes such as the Default Mode Network (DMN) and increased openness to experience.
Flo Coaching Second Update Blog Lift Off

We Are Live – BTS at FLO Coaching #2

Coaching the first client in Anna Paulowna, writing the guide for your first psychedelic session, special offer for clients, and more.
Step by Step Guide to Choosing Psychedelic Facilitator

A Step-By-Step Guide For Choosing a Psychedelic Facilitator

How you can choose the right psychedelic facilitator for your (first) psychedelic trip. Practical tips on reviews, interviewing, and coaching agreement.
The Different Options When Choosing A Psychedelic Guide, Facilitator, Shaman, Sitter, Coach

Want A Transformative Psychedelic Experience? Try This Facilitator Selection Method

Choosing the right guide or facilitator is crucial in planning a psychedelic session. But what type of sitter is best suited to help you navigate these non-ordinary states?
Alba Integrating Psychedelic Experience

Insight, Integration, Improvement: My Psychedelic Integration Experience

Integrating a psychedelic experience takes work. Get a feel for an integration coaching session with Alba and Lotte. Listen to their conversation.
Dangers of Doing a Solo Psychedelic Trip

The 6 Downsides of a Solo Psychedelic Session (Versus One-on-one Coaching)

The downside risks of a solo psychedelic journey include anxiety, overconfidence, lack of integration assistance, and heightened chance of risky behaviour.
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