Come to new insights with psychedelics coaching

Coaching and psychedelics can help you get even more out of life. Every experience on psychedelics, or a good coaching conversation, will not immediately change your entire worldview. Nevertheless, both can offer you a different and innovative point of view.

From FLO coaching, Floris and Lotte guide you in experiencing a psychedelic state of consciousness and learning from it. We attach great importance to the responsible and safe use of psychedelics, so our programs always include a preparation and integration session.

Floris and Lotte both have unique backgrounds as psychedelics coaches. Floris is a creativity coach; you can go to him for entrepreneurship, creativity and self-development. Lotte is an ACT coach; you can best go to her for personal growth, meaning and conscious living.

Discover more about us to see who you match best with. Because trust in the coach is a vital ingredient of the safe psychedelic experience.

Introduction Call

During the free introduction, we get to know each other. Ask your questions and discover what psychedelics coaching can do for you.

After the call, you will receive our information folder and an invitation to complete the intake questionnaire.

Free introduction

Ask the questions you have

Discuss the different options

Preparation Coaching

In the preparatory coaching sessions, we clarify your intentions and get started on your goals. We will also go through your intake questionnaire in the first session. We carefully prepare for the psychedelic experience.

Depending on the trajectory, we will do several coaching sessions before the guided truffle session.

Rigorous screening

One to six coaching sessions

Creativity and/or ACT-based coaching

Guided Session

During the session, you will receive a personalised amount of truffles. We will discuss your intentions again. We also start the session with relaxation exercises. This way, you feel completely comfortable and familiar.

For most of the session, you listen to music and experience an expanded state of consciousness. We are here for you if you need anything.

Safe and quiet environment

Experienced facilitator

Personalised amount of truffles

Optional: the presence of trip-sitter dog Max

Integration Coaching

In the week after your experience, you reflect on the experience and write about the insights you have gained. Your facilitator is available to share experiences.

The integration coaching sessions provide space to reflect on the session and how the insights can be integrated into daily life. This is an important part of the process

One to six coaching sessions

Creativity and/or ACT-based coaching

Long term follow up




Intake screening

1x Preparation coaching

Guided Session

1x Integration coaching

Psychedelics Workbook




Intake screening

3x Preparation coaching

Guided Session

3x Integration coaching

Psychedelics Workbook

Bonus: Welcome Gift

Discount on additional coaching



All ‘Balance’ plus:

+3x Coaching

+1x Guided Session

Psychedelics Workbook

FLO Coaching recently moved to our new location. That’s why now is the only time we are making an introductory offer.

Lotte currently has 2 spots for a program with a 50% discount (in exchange for a testimonial).

Floris currently has 3 spot for a program with a 50% discount (in exchange for a testimonial).

We are making this offer to build up the services here quickly. The prices will go up every few weeks. We will fix the price for you when we have your introductory meeting.

Each coaching process can be stopped at any time.

You only pay for the coaching sessions (€85/£75/$90) and guided session(s) (€700/£600/$750) that have been purchased up to that point. Sessions can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance or can be moved up to 24 hours in advance.

Guided sessions cannot be bought separately. Additional coaching sessions (€75 with discount) can be purchased separately.