Psychedelic coaches with experience

FLO Coaching was founded by Floris and Lotte, a married couple with a combined experience of 15 years in the world of psychedelics.

Lotte Merijn

Lotte has a background in mental healthcare and 10 years of experience as a coach.

She is a certified acceptance and commitment therapist (ACT) and has expertise as a yin yoga teacher. Lotte supports people in building a meaningful life by helping them to follow their desires again.

In the sessions at FLO coaching, Lotte provides a feeling of security, allowing you to surrender to the experience. Clients describe Lotte as open and soft, like a coach who can sense your needs.

Lotte has seven years of personal experience with psychedelics. She is fascinated by its transformative power on psychological well-being. In her sessions, she combines ACT and psychedelics. She also integrates elements of mindfulness, yin yoga, and sound healing where appropriate.

Lotte is inspired by how psychedelics can create a profound and loving connection with the self. For her, maintaining those qualities in daily life is an art of living.

Lotte is your best bet for:

  • Personal growth
  • Meaning and spirituality
  • Conscious and balanced living
  • Connection with yourself and your body
  • Relationships and parenthood
  • Breaking through persistent patterns


“Lotte’s warm and supportive presence gave me confidence going into the session.

Her listening ear and empathy for my situation have done me a lot of good.”

Christine, 41

Floris Wolswijk

Floris has a background in psychology and entrepreneurship.

  • Self-development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career and job satisfaction
  • Productivity and routines
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • First psychedelic experience


“Floris showed a lot of empathy, helped me structure my thoughts, and offered tools I can practice with”

Alperen, 26

Max & Saar

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