5 Tips for What Clothing to Wear on a Psychedelic Trip

What you wear during a psychedelic experience may seem like an afterthought, but having suitable clothing can genuinely enhance your journey. Finding that perfect trip outfit requires balancing comfort, beauty, and versatility as the mind-expanding ride unfolds.

Thoughtful choices add harmony between your inner process and outer expression. When clothes feel like a second skin, your consciousness can freely wander. With some foresight, your garments can even inspire your visions. Follow these five tips to curate attire that optimizes psychedelic trips.

Tip 1: Comfort is Key

Don’t go for fancy, go for comfortable

When embarking on a psychedelic voyage, comfort should be the top priority in choosing attire. Seek out ultrasoft, loose-fitting fabrics that feel soothing against your skin.

Psychedelics make you more sensitive to tactile stimulation. Rough, restrictive clothing quickly becomes irritating and distracting during the experience.

Instead, opt for super breathable natural fibres like cotton, silk, or linen that won’t overheat. Flowy garments allow freedom of movement to dance or stretch as your body calls for it.

You want clothes so cosy that you practically forget you’re wearing them. Luxuriate in silky harem pants, breathable tunics, or a mega-soft hoodie. If chilly, have a cashmere sweater on hand.

Tip 2: Layer for Versatility

Layers, layers, layers

With psychedelics, your temperature perceptions and clothing needs can change from moment to moment. One minute you feel chilled; the next hot and sweaty.

That’s why having layers on hand for adding or shedding is key. Base layers like tanks or leggings with removable cardigans, kimonos or shawls allow flexibility.

Bring a compact puffer jacket or woven blanket if tripping outdoors for warmer outer protection. Indoors, keep hoodies, socks, gloves and beanies accessible.

Scarves, shawls and sarongs also have many uses – as headwraps, skirts, and picnic blankets. Pack versatile pieces you can creatively adapt.

Finally, have fresh undergarments available for a quick change if needed. Psychedelics open our sensory channels – you may yearn for cleaner fabrics against your skin.

With strategic layers, you can customize your level of cosiness, privacy and self-expression throughout the experience.

Tip 3: Make it an Experience

Go overboard to delight

Beyond just comfort, intentionally choosing trip clothes that inspire, delight and intrigue your senses adds to the experience.

Psychedelics unveil new dimensions – your attire can reflect the otherworldly atmosphere. Enter the psychedelic realm dressed for a magical journey.

If you’re up for it, seek out eclectic garments with trippy prints and patterns that catch your eye. Fractal geometrics, nature motifs, spiritual symbols and galaxy prints all enhance the vibe.

Incorporate fun accessories like face jewels, satin eye masks, silk scarves, or metallic leggings. Try on different personas.

Experiment with bold colours, funky hats, or statement jewellery that makes you feel vibrant. Novelty sunglass lenses, light-up shoes and holographic fashions activate extra sensory magic.

Wearing clothes that make you feel uplifted, empowered and authentically self-expressed lets that energy flow freely during your session. Let your style choices shape the experience.

Tip 4: Prepare for the Elements

Preparation is the key to success

If your psychedelic journey involves spending time outdoors, dressing appropriately for the expected weather is key. Nothing dampens a trip faster than being too hot, cold, wet or windblown.

Check forecasts and dress accordingly – layers for variable temps, breathable waterproof jackets, sturdy boots for hiking, a sun hat and UV protective clothing in the sunshine.

Have sunscreen, insect repellent, and quick-dry towels on hand. Also, pack spare socks. Damp feet can harsh your mellow in nature.

Wear insulating base layers under clothes, glove liners inside mittens, and thick wool socks if visiting cold areas. A balaclava is better than a scarf.

In the heat, choose wicking fabrics, a wide-brimmed hat and cover up with lightweight shirts and pants. Use cooling towels or packs if needed.

Handling the elements gracefully allows you to immerse in nature’s beauty fully. With the right preparation, you can bliss out rather than battle the environment.

Tip 5: Have Some Options

Optionality is key

It’s ideal to have a few different clothing options easily accessible during your trip if you want to change outfits.

You may yearn for looser silhouettes, warmer materials, or just a fresh set of threads at some point. New clothes can provide a renewed perspective.

Pack extra shirts, pants, dresses, or layers you’re drawn to and keep them nearby. Even just changing socks or underwear can provide a “reset.”

If tripping with others, consider bringing some of their clothes too. Wearing a friend’s outfit can deepen connections through shared experience.

Finally, have cosy loungewear ready for the comedown when rest and integration begin. You’ll appreciate sinking into supreme softness.

Bringing it all Together

Clothing may be an afterthought for some when preparing for a psychedelic voyage, but intentionally dressing for the occasion enhances the experience.

Choose soft, breathable fabrics for comfort, pack versatile layers, get playful with inspired looks, prepare for the weather, and have outfit options readily available.

Finding that perfect trip outfit harmonizes your inner and outer worlds, allowing you to move seamlessly into visionary dimensions.

With some forethought, what you wear can help unlock mystic states of unity, creativity and healing.


Lotte and Floris are the two guides for FLO Coaching. We combine our years of coaching & therapy to help people experience a (first) guided psychedelic trip.

We uniquely focus on preparation and integration to provide long-term positive changes in mind and behaviour.

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