FLO offers personalized psychedelic coaching: a caring, one-on-one approach to unlocking your inner potential and well-being.


“I finally feel the power to do things differently in my life” – Pieter, 56

For conscious and curious explorers

At FLO Coaching, we offer the ideal setting for an individual psychedelic truffle journey. Our sessions are intended for curious people who want to gain in-depth insights with the help of a changed state of consciousness.

A guided psychedelic experience is an investment in your personal growth and development. Be amazed by the psychedelic state of consciousness. It is a unique and unforgettable experience that will enrich your life.

Undergoing a psychedelic experience is both exhilarating and exciting for many people. We understand this! That is why we provide a safe and responsible setting so you can fully surrender to the experience. With our careful preparation and focus on integration, we guide you step by step.


“I would recommend this to anyone who wants to look deeper into themselves in a safe environment” – Izak, 32

A safe space to explore

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Meaningful change


“The coaching helped me identify areas of my life to work on and give me concrete and practical steps to move forward”

John, 35, United Kingdom


“I look back on a fantastic day and a remarkable psychedelic journey. Lotte guided the session with a lot of warmth, peace and love.”

Pieter, 56, The Netherlands